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Gerais – Covid-19

Saúde Mental – Covid-19

WHO Regional Office for Europe webinar on “Essential mental health service delivery during the COVID-19 outbreak and response”:

Child Mind Institute

How to Talk to Kids About the Coronavirus by Child Mind Institute

Talking to Kids about Coronavirus by Rachel Ehmke

Supporting Kids during Coronavirus Crisis by Rae Jacobson

Supporting Families during COVID-19 by Child Mind Institute

Anna Freud NCCF

Supporting Young People’s Mental Health during Periods of Disruption by Anna Freud NCCF

Supporting Young People through Disruption by Peter Fuggle

Supporting Parents and Carers through Disruption by Peter Fuggle

Supporting Schools and Colleges through Disruption  by Cyra Neave

Self-Care Resources by Anna Freud NCCF


Coronavirus and Mental Health by Joshua Feder

News and Children by AACAP

Disaster and Trauma Resource Center by AACAP


Coronavirus Outbreak by Priyanka Pruthi

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19): What parents should know by UNICEF

How to talk to your child about coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) by UNICEF

Studying at home due to coronavirus? This is how young people around the world are keeping their mood up

How teachers can talk to children about coronavirus disease (COVID-19) by UNICEF